About Us

How we started

MindStand began with a long-standing goal to foster healthier online communities. This goal began at BitCamp 2018. With the initial prototype, MindStand placed second for the Bloomberg Best Philanthropic Hack Award. With acclamation from the industry and a working prototype, MindStand formed as an LLC later, in 2018. Since then, MindStand has partnered with Microsoft for Startups, reformed as a C-Corp, and iterated on this turnkey solution for universities, small businesses, and enterprises alike to foster a healthy online community, one post at a time.

Today, as more people turn to online platforms to share their message and collaborate, it is essential to have a system that STANDS for their opinions, for their individuality, and for their MINDS.

Our Team

Michael Ogunsanya

Co-Founder and CEO

Michael leads MindStand’s vision by ensuring that our philanthropic mission and business strategies are shared with organizations around the world.

⚡ Superpower: Empathy. Meeting people where they are.

Eric Solender

Co-Founder and CTO

Eric leads technical development at MindStand, in addition to head of programming on the backend. His main area of focus is backend data processing and storage, but also take hands on ML and UI dev.


⚡ Superpower: Ability to drink infinite cups of coffee.

Nikita Wootten

Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist

Nikita leads the ML development at MindStand. Although his main area of focus is on machine learning and analysis, he also works on the backend and UI.

⚡ Superpower: Same as Eric, but in various teas.

Taylor Odenath

Graphic Designer

Taylor creates flyers for events like pitch competitions as well as the MindStand logos and color schemes for webpage displays.

⚡ Superpower: Intelligence. Because knowledge is power.

Sam Reynolds

Software Engineer

Sam is part of the backend team where he works on data pipeline development in addition to deployments and maintenance.

⚡ Superpower: Moral support.

Alaire Jameson

Director of Business Development

Alaire is responsible for strategic Business Development, Sales, and Operations Planning for MindStand AI.

⚡ Superpower: A strong foresight.

Steve Byerly

Software Engineer

Steve works on designing and implementing the machine learning models used in our AI engine.

⚡ Superpower: Moral support.

Steven Dilks

Software Engineer

Steven is responsible for backend API development and API integration.

⚡ Superpower: Quick learner.

Micah Husk

Social Media Manager

Micah works on designing and curating content for all MindStand social media platforms.

⚡ Superpower: Quick Learner.

Chintan Jani

Product Lead

Chintan leads the User Interface and User Experience processes for the creation of MindStand AI products. 

⚡ Superpower: Problem solving and psychoanalysis.

Jordan Troutman

Software Engineer

Jordan is responsible for developing and validating MindStand’s AI practices.

 ⚡ Superpower: Quick Learner.

Our Advisers

Francine Parham

Human Capital and Outreach Advisor

President and Founder of Francine Parham & Co

Genevieve Patterson

Product and GTM Advisor

Exited Entrepreneur; Head of Applied Research at VSCO 

Tim Oates, PhD

AI and Data Advisor

Chief Data Scientist of Synaptiq