Foster A Healthy Online Community Today

Mindstand provides an Artificial Intelligence platform
trained by Clinical Psychologists to identify

Verbal Harassment

Hate Speech

Sexual Misconduct

Emotional Distress

At-risk Individuals

Weekly Breakdowns

Core Function

MindStand's AI engine dynamically retrains to better address your online community

Immediate alerts on the activities to keep in touch with your online community.

Mindstand AI provide detailed analytics data on a personalized dashboard.

Data quality is assured with our highly sophisticated training models and prediction engine.

The data is secured with TSL and SSL protocols with SAML and 2 - factor authorization.

Mindstand provides multiple platform integrations to cover every aspect of your online community.

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Our Partners

MindStand Technologies takes fostering healthy online
communities seriously, and so do our partners. We are grateful for
their trust and it drives us to work even harder.