Know when it happens

Unique and Dynamic

MindStand’s AI engine adjusts in real time to better
address your online community. Whether it is a
serious altercation or simple critique, MindStand AI
adapts to your environment and over time creates the
perfect product that’s especially unique to your
institution or organization.


The AI engine understands the intent and context of conversations to provide you with alerts on what really matters within your community.

As an artificial intelligence platform trained by clinical psychologists, MindStand can identify:

MindStand AI

Supports These Platforms:

Why is MindStand unique?

There will not be any need for extensive and time-consuming surveys which can be biased.

There is no need for sluggish tech that flags words without understanding the context of the situation.

MindStand will monitor communications and use the insights to provide tailored feedback on the true culture of your organization.

Over time, our system understands the vernacular of your community to better provide personalized metrics.

MindStand commits to providing relevant alerts and zero false positives.


MindStand provides an artificial intelligence platform
trained by clinical psychologists to identify:

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Consistent Results

Sexual Misconduct

No False Reports

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