DEI Surveys – A Tool for Continuous Improvement

DEI Surveys – A Tool for Continuous Improvement

In the modern workplace, individuals are expected to work together to achieve company goals and improve the bottom line. This means that, more than ever before, companies are looking at their employees as a valuable part of the team. That’s why employers today take Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) surveys very seriously.

What is DEI?

DEI stands for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. It is a set of strategies and tools used to make an organization or company diverse in employment, equitable in management practices, and inclusive in every area of the workplace.

In order for a company to understand its employees, it must first understand itself. This means that it is crucial for employers to take the time to see what their company’s focus areas are and how they could improve these areas. By taking a DEI survey, companies can identify strengths and weaknesses in different areas of workforce practices.

The Importance of DEI Surveys

DEI surveys are not a “one-and-done” project. Instead, they serve as a tool for companies to use when trying to improve their company culture.

These surveys help employers identify the company’s strengths and where it could improve its practices to become more sensitive to different needs within the workforce. 

The first step for any company embarking on a DEI survey is to identify its focus areas. These include hiring practices, recruitment efforts, benefits & perks, management structure, and more. By looking at these areas, companies can begin to work on necessary changes that will make the business or organization an ideal place for all employees.

DEI Surveys: Continuous and Transparent

It is easy to assume that a workplace has already taken action to improve its culture, but by taking the time now to look at your own company’s practices through DEI surveys, you can gain insight into what areas need improvement as well as understand how your organization as a whole perceives different aspects of workplace life.

By conducting a DEI survey and looking at the results, employers will see an improvement in morale among employees and gain insight into future improvements that can be made to bring greater success to the company and every individual employee.

Empower Your Teams with MindStand

DEI surveys are only as effective as the data collected and action taken. If you don’t have a process for delivering your surveys, analyzing results, and taking action on them, you are not leveraging the full potential of DEI processes.

Whether you’re looking to get started with DEI for the first time, you want to optimize your existing DEI program, or simply need some help maintaining an effective survey process, MindStand can help.

MindStand uses the latest innovations in data-driven machine learning to create an AI platform that identifies implicit bias, culture fit, and engagement within SMB and enterprise communications. By harnessing the power of automation, MindStand can help your organization better analyze raw DEI survey data and provide highly actionable insight into how teams can improve their culture.

For more information on how to implement an effective DEI strategy using AI-driven technology, contact MindStand today. 

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