MindStand joins the Techstars Equitech Inaugural Cohort

MindStand joins the Techstars Equitech Inaugural Cohort

Baltimore, MD: MindStand Technologies was accepted into the Techstars inaugural Equitech Fall 2021 cohort!

MindStand utilizes AI to detect workplace harassment and provide personalized insights on workplace inclusion. MindStand AI integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more to keep business leaders in tune with their culture and community.

The Techstars Equitech program has come to Baltimore with the vision, resources, and connections to propel Baltimore as a top tier city of technical innovation. In tandem with UpSurge Baltimore, the long term vision is to have Baltimore become the “first Equitech city in the world”. The term Equitech was coined by UpSurge president, Jamie McDonald.

Techstars Equitech Fall 2021 Members
Members of Techstars Fall 2021 Accelerator


With more than just a vision and good will, the Techstars accelerator plans to pour into each of these 12 companies with world renown mentors, speakers, and hands on business coaching. MindStand’s team plans to utilize Techstars mentor network, as well as expertise in going to market with their product, MindStand AI.

“We look at a lot of things but definitely if the founders and teams were poised to scale and to win. If they were “the ones” to take their solution to market. Mindstand was able to [succeed in] both parts.

They also hit all three core Equitech thesis points – a team creating a product that breaks barriers of access and inclusion, a corporate foundation based on diversity & inclusion as a force multiplier and founders from underestimated backgrounds—-a company selected didn’t have to meet all three but MindStand did. Was a good bet then and grows more as I work with them”

– Monica Wheat, Managing Director of Techstars Equitech


MindStand aims to fulfill its vision on being the gold standard of addressing workplace culture within the Techstars accelerator. Over the past year, MindStand has worked on DEI initiatives with organizations like Baltimore Tracks and Maryland Tech Council. With 11 team members, $350k raised, and pilots beginning in 2022, MindStand continues to show significant growth in their partnerships and product. MindStand was previously announced as the 7th Most Promising Tech Startup in Baltimore by RealList in January.

“Techstars Equitech serve a perfect role at MindStand’s current stage. Over the next 13 weeks, we will work together to ensure our product, team, and go to market strategy reflects MindStand’s vision to become a gold standard in addressing workplace culture.”

-MindStand CEO, Michael Ogunsanya



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