How To Optimize Your Workforce While Social Distancing

How To Optimize Your Workforce While Social Distancing

COVID 19 has shifted our world completely online since March 2020. Businesses both small and large have adopted telecommuting. With this shift, we have experienced one (or more) instances of ‘Zoom burnout‘. How is it possible to lead and inspire teams for so long without face to face contact? Working from home should not stop productivity. In this article, we provide tips and  guidelines to make telecommuting simpler.

Let’s start with how to keep your employees connected and productive. Take a look:

· Remote work increases productivity.

First, you must know that working from home can be great. Being able to choose when and where you work is exciting.

Commuting to an office is out of the picture. Your employees will no longer start their day with the stress of commuting. Therefore, they are refreshed right from the start.

· Encourage employees to build a comfy workspace.

Most employees often miss the point here. Your employees should not be tempted to sit in bed while working. They should designate a space in their homes for their office. This is simple.

It could be just a chair and desk or a separate room entirely. They must designate an area that will motivate them to work. There is a need to ensure they continue their weekday routine.

Waking up early and dressing up for work is not a bad idea. It may sound funny, but it gives you that motivation to work. It sets you up mentally into work mode.

· Equip your team with the necessary tools to succeed.

This is essential. You can’t ask employees to telecommute without providing the tools. One essential tool is the Internet access. Ensure that your employees have good internet connections.

With good internet access, they can apply other tools to communicate efficiently. Communication is key. Team members must stay connected to help them achieve their goals. There are several tools you must introduce. Applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom should be introduced.

Here’s why:

Ø Slack is a cloud-based app. It makes communication among team members more effective than sharing emails. All you need to do is get the app, create a workplace, and add coworkers.

You can create separate slack channels. This means you can create different rooms for different topics. Your employees will have different outlets to share their thoughts and ideas. It’s a virtual office.

Ø With Microsoft Teams, document sharing, online meetings, team chats are available. It is a chat-based collaboration platform and a hub. It allows you to chat and gives access to other Microsoft Office tools. This means you can toggle between Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and many more without closing the app.

Ø Zoom can be used to host video conference calls and online meetings with your team members. It allows for long conference calls with up to 100 participants.

The tools listed above allow file sharing, chats, and video calls. They create virtual office meetings. The tools unite the workforce online.

· Check in daily.

You should establish daily check-ins. Set time for virtual meetings. This will help keep the team focused. The tools mentioned above should be used in your normal routines.

Create an online meeting hour and activate instant messaging. You can send them group messages at intervals for steady communication. Daily check-ins create some normalcy.

· Be Flexible.

You shouldn’t be making all the decisions. Let ideas flow from all team members. Give them some sense of belonging. Acknowledging their opinions will motivate them.

Do not be rigid. Give your coworkers some time for family or personal affairs. They must have breaks to refresh. It will help keep their minds stable.

Give room for interactions. Let them have space to talk about other things aside for work. That’s good stress relief. There should be space to talk about hobbies, news, entertainment and many more.

· Seize the opportunity to improve work culture.

This is a great opportunity for all employers to make positive changes. It’s time to build up a strong team relationship. Use remote work to get to know your employees better.

Check out for their motivations. Resolve conflict and rebuild trust. This is the time they need to know your loyalty to them. They want to know how the company reacts to a crisis.

Proper handling of remote working will create overall improvements.

· Reward good work.

Yes, rewarding diligence will create more diligent team members. Give praises to good jobs and bring good jobs. It will also show them that they are appreciated.

When you reward hard work, others will be encouraged to do more. It will keep them focused on their targets and increase productivity. Honor any work done efficiently. It will make others put more effort.

· Let them know you care.

Share health tips and precautions. Keep them updated on measures to take to prevent coronavirus infection. Advise them to wash their hands, keep social distance, and protect themselves.

Your employees should know you need them. Employers should be concerned about the wellness of their employees. Encourage them to get quality sleep and eat well.

Provide emotional support for employees. Be more available than usual, not just for check-ins.

· Prepare for the best.

What’s next after the pandemic? Your answer should be for success. Plan for success, plan to be the best. The world is uncertain about the result of the pandemic. But you must encourage your team to prepare for the best.

If you apply these guidelines to remote work, you are safe. You are ready for the best.

Final Thoughts

Social distancing should not mean losing focus. Keep your team connected by telecommuting efficiently. There is no greater route to success. You have to prepare for it.

Train your employees to maximize technological tools. Who knows, remote working might bring the greatest achievement your company has seen.

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